Thursday, October 27, 2011

Snippets - 3

[next day]

Its 4 a.m. Haven't written anything all day. Last night and the
morning after, were super weird. Got over the temporary insanity by evening.
ThankGod. Came to the hostel. Caught up with the roomies. Talked about
all kinds of stuff. They assigned each of us duties while i was gone. I'm the
dish washer, apparently. Which is fine actually. Because room cleaning
is not my thing anyway. I finally did some studying today. Felt good.
Had two cups of coffee, and Hello headache. =] Have to wake r2 for Fajr
in a while. Better get my chapter done before that.
More later.


6:49 pm:

Lying in my bed. Just finished eating a not-so-yummy shawarma. Watched
Grey's with it. Me and the roomies went out to get food supplies.
Walked. Its weird how none of the stores had a k&n freezer. Not cool.
I'm wearing socks today. I shall sleep now.


9 pm.

So my roomates decided to not let me sleep. Sprayed water all over me.
Revenge. Is. Due.
So i got up and had coffee and did some Physio instead. About to go
out for a walk with r2. Gotta get naans for dinner.



Just came back from an hour long walk. Love my hostel for this. Love
being able to walk outside, anytime of the day, or night. But shit, I'm
tired now. Parhay ga kaun?


01: 38

I feel weird. I don't know what i feel right now. Doing nothing, makes
me think weird. But I'm so sleepy, i don't feel like studying. And i'm
afraid that if i sleep now, im going to wake up really late. But i
feel weird. And i don't know what one should do when one feels like
this. Im going to sleep. And that's what one should do. I plan on
waking up at Fajr.


[next day]


..yeaah. So one woke up at Fajr. Just had breakfast. Cheese sandwich +
tea. I'm so cold. A cat just tried to come inside the room. I shoo-ed
it away. Next time I'm spraying water on it. This morning, i feel



suzaaaanna, suzaaaanna, suzaaaanna, im crazy lovin youuuu.



Me: *shudders* eeee its so cold!
r2: *laughs*
me: what?
r2: you remind me of of that cartoon character.
me: which one?
r2: all cartoon characters.
Me: ....


[next day]

15: 39

Last night was fun. I went out for a walk. Everybody was asleep.
Came back and slept.
Talked to N on skype. Had barbican. Felt amazingly fresh. The roomates were
sleeping so it was a video call without the audio. Told her about a
stupid thing that happened earlier that day and laughed like an idiot
for the next ten minutes.
Slept at 5.



Hahah. A cat mutilated r2's shoe with its claws. Its ruined.



Been lazy all day. Finally got out of the blanket. Took a shower.
Had coffee. Then an ice cream. And roamed around the hostel with the
roomates. Refreshing. Studying, now.



YAY. R2 loved my watch. Finally. Someone other than me and N
appreciates it. R1 made a nice cheese-omelet-pita-bread thingy for
It was nice. I need. Coffee. Now. :)



I'm in love with my life right now. Doesn't mean that everything's
perfect. Doesn't mean that im super happy and doesnt mean that i dont
have issues. I love life because everythings not perfect, because I'm not always happy, and I do have issues. Life's twisted. And that
is why i like it. :]


Cяystal said...

All cartoon characters? Hahah!
Your blog is CUTE. SO CUTE :D

Tazeen said...

I like the whole being happy thingy. Even though nothing's perfect.

I'd like to live in a hostel someday. Or stay at somebody else's place for more than just three days. Wonder what it's like being away from home for too long.

The walks sound lovely. Doesn't matter this isn't Nottingham. I like walks.

That's all.