Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No name face.

Today, was a goood day.

Woke up, got yelled at by mom for not studying at all. Studied half a page. Went to an Arts festival with s1. Which sucked. A couple of paintings were nice though. Met a friend. Went to have food. Because i was super hungry. Had fuuuun. Laughed. Randomly decided to accompany s1 to her Maternity ward duty. Got tired. Came back at night. Had some tea. Talked to some friends. And that is all.

Also, on a side note, if you're the kind of person, who says 'Ghajni!' everytime someone talks about memory loss or worse, short-term memory loss, i hate you. I also hate you if you say 'Dostana!' everytime someone talks about homosexuality. Okay? Okay.

Oh, and I suck at cheering people up.


[me to s1: Please koi title batao post ka.
s1: Shhh.
me: Please.
s1: Please na. Kuch bhi boldo. Just say something.
s1: No name face.
me: Thats a song.
s1: Its an album.
me: Okay.]


Tazeen said...

I like the crunch of potato chips in my mouth. Just being random. It's my way of saying I read and loved you post, like always. (:

Siddhartha Joshi said...

Nice, your life seems perfect to me :)