Saturday, October 15, 2011

P.s. I’m happy.

I found a new place to sit on my terrace. It’s a brick. And its very comfortable.

I made goood coffee today. Drank it while sitting on the brick.

Went out for lunch. With friends. Fun. As always. They make me happy. They hated my watch, but that’s okay. Going to meet them again on Monday.

Had 4 dreams last night. Same-ish theme, different stories.

I look nice today.

I read about Endorphins today. I always knew what they were, but what I didn’t know was that the word itself comes from ‘endogenous morphine’. Nice, no?

I found a new happy song for myself today.

Just now:

s1: Parhti kyun nai ho?

me: Pata nai.

s1: Batao! Parhna nahi hai?

me: Pata nai.

s1: Exams kab hain tumharay?

me: Pata nai.

s1: Abhi tak nai pata chala?

me: Pata nai.

s1: *stares at me*

me: *stares back* What?

s1: Batao!

me: Kia?

s1: Choti bachii! Parho tum.

me: ahan.

s1: UFFFF!

s1: Book laao apni tum. Kuch nai aata tumhe. Kyun nai samajhti ye baat tum?

me: pata nai.

Annoying s1 is fun.

I took two pictures, while studying. Have ay look.


Please don’t kill me if I have uploaded this picture before, because I'm getting the feeling that I might have.


Oh and you know what will make me happy? If Noah Wyle plays Steve Jobs in the new Steve Jobs movie. Which reminds me, I need to watch Pirates of the Silicon Valley again. Yessir, I do.

Okay byebye.


♥●• İzdiher •●♥ said...

awe cute.

Roshni said...

A comfortable brick. Thats definitely an oxymoron!
And dude..thanks for the reminder, Im gonna' try and blog during the oh-so-happy days too :P
Good luck with the studies!

Tazeen said...

I love stationery.

Randomhyper. said...

I reminded you of endorphins. Yes I did. And your desk is cool. I lke that thing next to your pen holder. It's kinda creepy looking, but...whatever.