Monday, October 24, 2011

Snippets - 1

I've started writing random nothings about my day on my cellphone lately. I'm going to start pasting it in parts now.

19th. Oct. 2011.
Going back to Lahore on Friday. One day to go.
Stupid, stuuupid day today. Bad BAD mood.
But i just had a laughing fit, while talking to N right now. Just got
off the phone.
Im desperately looking forward to meet her again. So that we can have
the Supersonic superfudge sundae again. And watch Family Guy and go
nuts. :]
Warid hates me. I hate him too. Yes, i just called Warid a him.
That is all for now.

[next day]

On my way to Lahore. Lazy lazy journey. The nice old lady sitting next
to me, insists on talking. She said 'beta, dar dar ke jaayain'. No
idea what that meant.


Wow, she just told me a story about her daughter in law's brother's
future wife. :) And now she won't stop talking. Halp meh! I'm going to
pretend to fall asleep.
Amazing. She changed her seat. And is now chatting away with the woman
in the front seat. Yay me.


Dear baby in the backseat. STOP crying, you! >.< Everybody knows
you're faking it. I don't see no tears.


Reached Lahore. About to fall asleep.


Woke up. No one's at home. Haven't eaten anything all day. Went to the
kitchen. Had a pear. It was small. I'm dreading studying Embryo. But i
should try and start. I want a chocolate. Which reminds me, i had two
chocolate muffins in my dream. And won a $71million lottery. Great.
Okay enough. I'm changing into my comfort clothes, and starting
studying. Wish me luck.


Nd gave me an overview of embryo. He had these awesome simulations
that were helpful. Now i have to study it on my own. But why is it
that every time he teaches me, i feel dumb? Too dumb. Way too dumb. It
sucks. Imma call N in some time. I'll make coffee too. I love the new
Cheetos. The ultra spicy ones. I played with Nd's new Galaxy s2
whatever. Used the Swype thingy. It was fun. Okaybye.


[Later that night]

Studied a leetal. Made coffee. Talked to N for two hours. Watched
masterchef and Castle during the phone call. Now my head hurts, and
the embryo book looks intimidating. Btw, Terranova is the suckiest
show ever. I haven't ever seen it. Not planning on watching it either.


More later.


Zeba said...

I do this. Taking little notes on my cell phone every few moments. They make for interesting reads a few days later.. Never thought of posting them but I am glad you did.

Randomhyper. said...

I recently started this.