Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Long post iz happin.

Too much lazyness. Too many donuts. And popcorns and movies. And sleeping even when I'm not sleepy. Tomorrow's the 13th. I need to start studying again. That's the problem with being at home though. I get so relaxed, i get so caught up in being at home, that studies don't really feel like a priority. It's one of the reasons I keep insisting my parents to let me go back to the hostel soon and get my studies done. Properly. But i'm here for at least a week more. So I'll have to make a routine for myself. A schedule, or whatever. Schedules suck, btw. Because I hardly ever follow them. But they're important, in a way, cuz they give me perspective. So yeah, I'll make one.

My mind actually, is pretty...preoccupied. There's no place for Biochem tonight. At all. Which is why, i thought watching movies one after another would be a good idea. I also got some reading done. And some sleeping. And I spent time with Mother. I had time to read blogs too. But then halfway through the movie, I thought I'd go get fresh. Take a shower. And I did. And I've decided that I need to take a walk. On the terrace. With coffee. Suprisingly, I feel like having Juice instead. Cold juice. Pineapple or Orange. Nestle's bitter orange. Not the normal orange. I feel like having that. But we're out of juice, so I'll have coffee instead. On the terrace. With songs. Happy songs. I need endorphins. And after that, I'll give Biochem a shot. The purpose of which, will be just to get me in the mood for studying. Because its okay if i don't get any studying done tonight, but I definitely have to start tomorrow. And if im not in the mood by tonight, I'm going to end up wasting the entire day tomorrow too. Which can't happen. So yeah. Biochem. Tonight. Hopefully.

I had a realy weird dream last night. Well. One of many. I was sitting in my my Biochem Lab. No actually, it was my Physio Lab, and I was having my Final Biochem Practical. And there were two questions on it. I forgot one. But the other was about How to Ceramicize [cover in ceramic, apparently :s ] an Alligator. And I just stared at the sheet, and was like. Shit, I've studied this. Why can't I remember it. And then, all i wrote my answer sheet was this:
"Apparatus: Syringe, NaCO3, Distilled water.."
Thats it. And I was freaking out.
And then there was this other dream, where we're having a wedding of sorts, at our house. And my mom comes and tells me how everybody kept saying good things about me to her, and how they loved what i was wearing that day. And i asked her 'Oh they were? Like who?'. And mom says. "Lady Gaga".
Yeah. Ahan.

Okay awesome. Xmen-First Class just finished downloading.

I think Tim Burton ruined Charlie and the Chocolate factory, and Alice in Wonderland too. Why couldn't he just stick to the books? But No, that way, he couldn't show off his imagination could he? Has anyone seen the Oompas Loompas? I mean. They're frikkin UGLY. >.< And they dance weird. Urgh. Okay. Deep breath. Whatever. Isn't it weird that everytime i sit to write a blogpost, my dad calls me and asks for coffee? So i do need to go and make him coffee. And make some for me too. And then go walk on the terrace. And clear my head hopefully.
I did not want this post to end so soon. But. Oh well.
Im glad I wrote something at least. I've been writing shit and doing the whole [Ctrl+A + Backspace] thing a lot lately. So. Yeah. Achievement.
Im hoping to write more and more and more in this place in the upcoming days. I need to.
Yeah. Okay. Bye.

The north is to south what the clock is to time.
There's east and there's west and there everywhere lying.
I know I was born and I know that I'll die.
The in between is mine.
I. am. mine.

Isn't Pearl Jam awesome?


Tazeen said...

I've been backspacing words too.

Randomhyper. said...

Weirdest blog post ever. Too random for my brain. Also. The fact that you've been having weird dreams about your studies means you are subconsciously worried about them.

Roshni said...

X-men First Class - First Class movie too :P ..Whats strange is that even though it came out a while ago, you're the third person I know who's recently downloaded it..just very..out of the blue-ish.