Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Coffee, elevates my mood. Always.
I'd have it three times a day if i could. But i'm sticking to 1-2 for now. Anyway.

I like this morning. Its ten a.m. I woke up an hour ago, had maceroni, watched tv. And made myself some mild coffee. I slept in my drawing room last night. S2 tipped me off. She told me that day that if i wanted to sleep really really well, i should sleep on the drawing room sofa. And so, last night i did. And omG. It was.. Heavenly. Im in love with that sofa now. Its dreamy.
I need to re-heat my coffee. Okay done.
So yeah. I feel fresh.
I just have the fan on. Its not hot at all.
I ran on the treadmill yesterday, for fifteen minutes. Just to feel fresh. It was fun. I must do it again today. Feeling fresh, is important.

Oh God, i love this morning.


Tazeen said...

Haha! Sleeping on the sofa sure feels good. You could try another thing for when you're not at home: sleep horizontally on your bed. I do that sometimes.

Randomhyper. said...

I love falling asleep while talking to somebody. Cuz that's the best way, no intention to sleep, but it just...happens.

Ally said...

Coffee gives me water retention,that leads to bloated tummy filled with fluids that dont go out lol i hate when that happens. Mostly when im PMSing. But Im glad to hear that youre doing good and loving your mornings =]

Zeba said...

Ah. I love beautiful morning such as these myself. And I hate coffee. Don't kill me.