Friday, October 14, 2011


I had another series of weird dreams last night.
So here's what i remember.
Im sitting in my hostel room with my roommates when these men come, who're supposed to teach us some experiment about how animals respond to pain. A guy brings up a cute little kitten and starts torturing it. The kitten starts to cry, and the guy keeps showing us its tears. 'See? See? It responded to pain', the guy says. Then he brings this bigger animal, which kinda looks like a cat but isn't really one. He makes a vertical cut in its head, about 2 inches. Blood oozes out. But the animal feels nothing. And then i go 'Hmm..Whattay cute creature'. The guy's like 'You think so?' , and then makes the animal open its mouth. Its mouth, apparently is huge, and has a built-in..wait for it... purple octopus. Weird octopussy arms keep coming out of its mouth, which is when the guy warns us to not let it sting us, because then we'd get 'Opsis Heamosis'. No idea what that is.
That was pretty much it. Except there were other random scenes.
One was where im stuck in traffic. Traffic consists of a large number of carraiges. Driven, not by horses, but camels. They're supposed to take everybody to the examination hall.

Then there was one, with my cousins dancing on a new bollywood song. And one where my new watch stopped working.

And then one, where my friend N calls me up to tell me that i forgot Malone at her palace. And Malone, apparently, was my air-conditioner.


Randomhyper. said...

Random dreams are supposed to indicate personality changes. I am going to assume that you are not the same anymore :/

Nas said...

I have random dreams ALL The time. 8-)

The Me. said...

Randomhyper: Then you must assume that I change everyday. =p

Nas: Then you and I have something in common!

Dreaminglass said...

Hmm. Dreaming of a Malone. That's unfortunate to say the least.

I also suffer from them. Dreams, that is. Not so much Malone-liness. Actually, that's a lie. I suffer from Malone-liness often enough. But I don't seem to care enough.

Be well. *tips hat*