Monday, October 24, 2011

Snippets- 2

So last night wasn't really productive. I slept a lot. And woke up
late feeling pathetic. Hide and Seek by Imogen heap is one of my all
time favorite songs. I'm sleepy. Maybe i should sleep for sometime
before i start studying. Hmm.


I'm up. Watching the last samurai all over again. Cruise looks good.
And the kids in the movie are way too cute. I want to borrow one. But
anyway, loving the movie. Been too long since i last saw it.


I have realized that i hate Wanted. The movie. Fraternity of
assassins. Pfft. Watching the Young Frankenstein on TV. I'm not
interested. Re-animation of dead tissue he calls it.


I'm hungry. Khala offered me Mcdonalds. But Im not s2, and i don't say
yes to mcdonalds everytime someone mentions it. So i refused. I want
to eat something else. I don't know what though. Bleh. I don't feel
too good right now. Sigh.


I like studying with just the lamp on. Helps me focus. I've lost all
my focus lately. I need it back. I wonder who stole it. Maybe you did.
Did you?


Lamp. The scarecrow. A.c. Texting with N and Coffee. I finally have
the perfect environment for studying. Notochord, here i come.
Rise to fame, time has come. Make your claim, time has come for the
crow to fly away!


SaJ said...

I study with just the lamp on too. You like Imogen Heap, you'll love The Dewarists.

Aliza Khan said...

What????????? U dont like Mc Donalds???? I loveeeeeeeee it love itlove loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it :P

Furree Katt said...