Sunday, July 31, 2011

Been a good two days.

It has been a good two days. Fun. I really really badly needed this. A break from the 24/7 guilt of not studying for my exams. Yesness.
Im still out of city. We head back home tomorrow. I really wanted all of us (my family + cousins) to go up north to Nathiagali etc because all of my friends are either there or have been there and back. And they're all raving about how amazing the weather is up there. But nobody in my family was really up for it, except me, so we ended up staying here. But! Even though im super bummed about not being able to go north, im glad still. Cuz ive had alot of fun still. I love being with my family, which includes me khala's and cousins and all that. Everybody has issues, everybody acts mean at times, and causes family problems, but i still love them no matter what. Cuz they're family. And i like being with the family. They're fun and retarded. I dont care.
Its 2 am and we just got back. Im so full. And so happy.
Im happy. And i think being happy calls for a blogspost.

so yeah okay. Movie time.


Hamza Bin Ladin said...

You are in Murree! WOW!

W said...

i wanted to go to north too :(

Sidrah said...

Yay for you! =D

Furree Katt said...

Komal Ali said...

Aah, Murree. <3
Family-time is best. :-)

The Me. said...

But I never said I was in Murree! :o
I didn't go. Hah.

And yes, family time is fun. =]