Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lazy days.

Hello im home.
Ive realized that whenever Im home, all i talk about, is being home, and how awesome it is to be home. So i think, enough of that yknow. So okay.
Mom and s1 made Pasta today. For the first time. It was YUMMAY! And then we watched the Wimbledon final between Djokovic (is that the spelling? Kinda twisted isn't it?) and Nadal. I was anti-Nadal. Nadal is funny. I mean, I don't hate him. But whatever. Federer is THE man. Totally.

I just had fruits. Mango and plums and leechi. I love this combo. Cherries were missing though. Me and s2 have been watching The Mentalist lately. Since yesterday, i.e. I like it. Although its totally like Sherlock Holmes. But i like it. Im also going to try out this new show called Lie to Me.
Body language and human behaviour fascinates me.
I'd like to read, and know all about it. That would be cool.
s1 wants her laptop right now. I want to stay up all night, and be online for hours and hours. That'd feel like summers. Vacations.
It feels like that right now too, but not too much. Whatever.

Can't believe im totally FREE. No tests, nothing.
This is the start of my Lazy days. I woke up at 2 pm.
Okay bye. :D
More later. Soon.


Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said...

I like plums. :D
Have fun being lazy. For kicks, get your ass over to youtube and listen to The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars.

Roshni said...

You should watch Lie To Me if you're interested in Body language/expression and behaviour. Its pretty interesting =))