Saturday, July 16, 2011

Days go by.

Today's the fifteenth. Todays the day i officially had to start studying. For my exams. Which start on the 5th of September. Im so not in the mood though. Today was such a waste. Mom is funny. She wants me to eat all day. Here I'm worried that Im gaining weight, and there she is making me eat more and more.
Im watching a random movie on Star Movies. Its called Lock Up. It has Sylvester Stallone in it. Eeek. They're making cockroaches race and then betting on em. =\
And i think now they're gonna kill his friend. Shit its 2 am. I should study something atleast.
By the way. I went to My friends place yesterday, with my other friends. OmG it felt SO good to be with them again. I actually felt like i was Back, yknow? Nice. =] Yes i was right, they're gonna kill his friend. I can't watch people fight. I just CAN NOT! I hate fights. I'd do anything to avoid them. Okay sylvester stallone is angry. He killed the other guy i think. OMG somebody just stabbed him. This movie is sad.
Anyway. Im going to meet my friends again tomorrow. FUN. Ive borrowed these clothes from s1 that i'm going to wear tomorrow. I looked nice when i tried them on. =]
Sylvester Stallone a.k.a Frank is planning to make a run for it. OmG the other guy, Dallas, betrayed him and now he's caught. =[ SAD MOVIE :@ . Ooo oo. He's running again. Okay whatever.
So anyway. s1 has this nude coloured Nail Colour and I really like it. Its the only one i like. I put it on yesterday :D . Heeee heee. Yeah whatever.
Okay bye.

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Randomhyper. said...

Random. Anyway, glad you're going out with your friends. Parhna shuru nahn kiya right? :P