Thursday, July 21, 2011

Of nails and coffee.

I want Coffee. New kinds of nice coffee. I miss cold coffee. Hmm. I shall make it someday. Im tired. I went to Sd's place today. We had to study. I dozed off everytime she left the room for something. And i had all kinds of weird 2 minute dreams. Lol.
Im about to take a nap. Then maybe some coffee. I need to get Iced Teabags for myself. I don't know how they're going to taste though. But i have to try.

I downloaded a new Spongebobsquarepants theme for my phone. Its stupid.

I've finally grown my nails a bit. Underline the Bit part. Im proud of myself for that. Because as i've already mentioned before here on my blog, I C.A.N.T grow my nails. I always cut them as soon as they show signs of growing. Because I can't hold a pen properly when my nails are longer than usual. I feel weird typing. And texting too. But those aren't the major factors actually. Its just that I keep picking at my nails all the time until they get broke =< . I be mad.

Okay. Enough about the nails.
Im tired. Bye.


Furree Katt said...

AT LEAST YOU HAVE NAILS! :P i've been biting my nails since i was two years old. i barely have anything left on my fingers. :(
i have a spongebob background for my google page :D
coffee gives me zits so i can't have it often :(

Randomhyper. said...

I honestly never knew you pick at your nails. :O I'm gonna take it as a challenge to stop biting my nails this summer.

Stop with the coffee already! Addict. Don't deny it.

You get tired too easily. Lazy butt. :P

Asad said...

Take my nails.
I have to trim them every week. They grow super fast. :/

Moonie said...

it changed. the blog changed! now ours aren't identical anymore.