Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Hello I'm back. Again. So. I'm using my Windows Live Writer after so long. I love writing on this. Today is such a lazy day. One of many, that are yet to come. But I intend to change this. I intend to change this lazy sleepy routine of mine, where I do nothing all day except lie down, watch TV shows, and eat, and sleep.

I wanted to have coffee today, but then I didn’t. I don’t know why. I want winters back. Hmph. Okay. I HATE Chinese movies. They’re so fake. And all they do is their fake fighting. And fake weird accent. And fake-ness.  They’re so harsh. Blekh.

I’d like to spend a year abroad. I’d like to work. I’d like for it to be rainy all the time. I’d like to walk, walk, and walk all day. In streets. Wet streets.

When will that happen? =[

The lights just went out. Abhi to aayi thi. –.-

s1 and s2 want me to make popcorns. They’re watching Vampire Diaries. I want to watch something else. You know what I want to watch? I want to watch a looooooooooong Period Drama. I will look for one when the light comes. I love that era. It was so fancy =D .

I have seen lately, that there is way too much hate in the world. People hate everything and everyone. Too easily. I mean. CALM DOWN people. Give everybody a chance. =\

Okay. Time for you to learn something new:

Onychotillomaniac – Is someone who is always picking on his\her nails. (i.e. Me)

We’re listening to s2’s crazy voice clips that she sent me one day when I was in the hostel. LOL. But obviously that’s not funny to you so okayokayokay.

Okaybye. Open-mouthed smile

p.s I love s2 and my next post will be about her. <3

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Eirene said...

does that apply to nailbiters too? or is it different for them?
i would like some popcorn too please.