Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I be want new things everyday.

I am human. I always want new things. Here’s a list of somethings I really really want.

1. I want to go abroad. Not permanently. But for sometime. Grey’s anatomy tells me that its always raining in Seattle. Maybe I should move to Seattle for sometime.

2. I want an assistant. Who’ll do all the boring work in my life. Like. Taking my dishes back to the kitchen after I'm done eating. Organize my books. Remember where I put my glasses. Secretly throw away really old stuff of mine that I don’t really use but can’t let go off. Give Mr.Cuddles a washing every now and then. He gets dusty. Etc etc..

3. I want to go running at 5 am every morning on a long long road. And then have a nice breakfast with something nice to watch on the Tv.

4. I want to randomly meet new people, and talk to them for hours.

5. I want to be excellent at one or two things atleast.

6. I want to get thinner. And then buy a whole lot of new clothes. And then wear a new dress everyday.

7. I really like Robert Downey Jr. Its not something I want. But, I just really really like him. That’s it.

8. I want to be interviewed by James Lipton on ‘Inside the Actors Studio’.

9. I want to have a long conversation with a friend, who I haven’t talked to in a long time.

10. I want to invent something. [mehhh, not really]

11. I want a gray shirt. Lots of gray shirts. Nice ones. Oh. And pants too. Gray. And black. And blue. And white. And that weird offwhite creamish colour. Oh and a blood red shirt too. Lots of new bloodred shirts. Andand. A dark blue one. The shade of blue that I saw my cousin wearing that day. It was so nice.

12. I want to ice skate.

13. I want to be the best person I can, and stop being lazy about it.

14. I want to experience the feeling of being High. On a real drug. Ooooo.

15. I want to have my words quoted and remembered by people. All over the world. Awesome.


Maryam said...

I love the title. All that is what I want, too. Well. Almost all =D

Furree Katt said...

i have too many gray shirts! like maybe 25 or something. no kidding. you can take some of miiiine! i need more colour in my life :(
i want my own room and i want to own a magic wand. and i want a bookshelf that covers an entire wall from the ceiling to the floor and i want it to be PACKED with books (preferably fiction).

thanks for following my blog! ♥

ateeq mughal said...

start a search for bottles with genies in them, u would need a lot of them :D

Fareed said...

Good gracious!! you're awesome.

The Me. said...

Maryam: Ooo yay. You want that many gray shirts too? and the Red ones? And the blue one that my cousin was wearing? :D:D:D
Haha =p

And oh God seriously, about the library :o . A cool one with a wheels waali ladder. Yum.

Fareed: I know ^.^

Ally said...

I did number 14 last night haha see my post. It was weirddd =D its really overrated! I didnt feel good may be its because it was my first time smoking pot!