Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Like a stone.

So I am not in a good mood. What are you going to do about that?

What is up with this shortage of time? The whole exam thing. This does not make me happy. And I can NOT study in the afternoon when I haven’t eaten anything, or had my coffee either. =[ Whattay.

Mom made really yummy chaat today. And pakoray. I ate too much. Then slept too much. Then had coffee. Which was way too watery. Looked like I’d added the milk just for the color. Then started studying, but panicked too much. Thought too much. Too much happened. But no studying was done.

Planet of the Apes. I mean. Seriously? What kind of people make movies like that? I’d like to know what exactly was going through their minds when they decided that making a movie about human like apes taking over the world would be just what the movie watching population needed? And what I’d like to know more than that, is what was going on in their ape obsessed heads when they decided that they needed to make a SEQUEL to that? I mean. SERIOUSLY? PLANET OF THE APES? AGAIN? Pagal hain?

Oh well. =[


My phone has cancer btw. Check this out.


It can’t be cured, and it spreads.

Its almost 1 am. And I'm slowly turning into a robot.

That’s all.


Tazeen said...

Sigh. My phone had a concussion yesterday. That almost feels like it has cancer. I feel you. =(

W said...

I dropped my phone yesterday. On a wet floor. But it stayed with me. I love you phone.

Nas said...

Exams always stress everyone out. 8-).

Awh, give your phone some chemotherapy? Inject it with some white paint to get rid of the black lines. (or don't).

I actually liked planet of the apes *hides*

Take care!

Furree Katt said...

your poor phone :(((

Soumya said...

Oh hope your phone gets well soon.

First time here and loved it! I have a soft corner for black/gray templates :)

All the best for the exams, will be back soon.


Randomhyper. said...

That cancer always makes me laugh when I see it. ''Jale huye pixels.'' Funny. Get it checked. Duh. You can ask your parents for donuts and credit but not to fix your dying phone? :O BEWAFA IF I EVER SAW ONE.