Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Duck and Run.

I got my computer fixed. But the internet’s being an ass. So is the computer actually. My dad gave it to this guy to get it fixed, who apparently calls himself scorpiaN, and likes to name my windows account scorpiaN, everytime he fixes my pc. Which is twice, actually. So scorpiaN, turns out, did not really fix my pc. I realized that today. It still has issues. Weird random errors. And I can’t even open my Notepad file on the desktop. I double click it and nothing happens. Boo you ScorpiaN. You suck.
Its 3 am. And I’m not studying. WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?
Btw, I wanted to write a sane blogpost tonight. Something nice. And meaningful. But my brain’s not feeling upto it. Bohut nakhray ho gyay hain iskay. -.-
I don’t feel like doing anything right now. I just want to waste my time. Which is so not healthy. Not these days. When time is so important. But I still want to waste it. Nai parhna. =]
I’m being a little reckless with myself these days. Doing whatever I feel like really. I’m thinking a lot, and also not thinking at all. Thinking about the wrong things actually, instead of thinking about things that are important. Like my exams.
I need to shift the Tv in my room.
Okay You know what? Words don’t like me. They just don’t. Cuz if they did, they’d help me out when I needed them. Especially now when I have so many weird and important thoughts on my mind, that need to be saved. They should help me get them out on paper. But no. All I come up with is. I need to shift the Tv in my room. That’s just great isn’t it? =]
Okay whatever. I have decided I’m not going to study tonight. I will waste yet another day. I’ll go to sleep soon.

p.s. Duck And Run is just the song that I'm listening to. Heh.


Maryam said...

The part about not studying. Weird thoughts. Words being enemies. Why do you do this to yourself. Thinking too much. = Me. Me as in Maryam, not The Me. But you knew that. *slaps self*

Tazeen said...

Words don't like me either. I'm like the witch in the wardrobe these days. If that even matters.

Aabi said...

I love this font. And wow you remodelled you blog its sooo awesome.
Just rant, thats the way we liike it.

Beyond Timid said...

Scorpian? Hahaha what a name. XD
I agree with Aabi, we wouldn't be here if we didn't like listening to rants. :P It's a total girl thing haha.

Nas said...

Have I been here before? I can't even remember 8-).

What are you doing up at 3am anyway?
I know what you mean by words don't like you. Whenever I want to write I can't, so I just scribble in my diary, and turn it into coherent sentences when I find the words to so.

Have a lovely weekend!

Moonie said...

scorpiaN awesome hai. bas!