Thursday, July 22, 2010

Click, click, flash.

I love being in my room. The comfort and freedom of having a room of your own. It’s amazing. I remember when my parents decided to give me and my sisters separate rooms. S1 choose the one downstairs, I had the little corner one upstairs, and S2 had the big one next to mine. Haha. S2 takes the big and expensive things everytime. =p . S1 painted her room Blue. Mine was dark red (which dad thought was absurd btw) and s2 choose Lilac for hers. We bought matching carpets and curtains and personalized em in a day. It was fun. S1’s room is green and s1-ish now. Then dad bought us separate Tv sets for our rooms and we felt like princesses. There was also a fight about who’d get to keep the DVD player. S2 won.

I feel so prettay, picture perfect beautiful!

This song is stuck in my brain. I heard it on Star World.

Anyway. So i love having my own room and that was the point basically.

The weather was amazing yesterday. I woke up with a grin on my face. Shit. I feel like making a comic strip thingy about this. Ooo. But okay, later. I'm too lazy. =[ Haw.

OMG ENOUGH WITH THE BOND MOVIES ON STAR WORLD! >.< THEY’RE LAME! I don’t like James Bond. Never have. Never will. They’re all weird. Zero zero whatever. I don’t give a pff.

Money is so good. I want. Lots. Give? No? Ok. =’<

Btw, i downloaded a new theme for my Xp. I like it. Check it out:


=D Bye.


Anonymous said...

The feeling of having a room to yourself is divine :p I know that feeling! ;)
Nice theme.. =)

Roshni said...

jeebus too much clutter on yur desktop =0 ...what on earthhhh... theme's cool tho -nod- ..dude... deep red ftw!

Maryam said...

I really like the theme muje be link do, I vantez. Dark red is... like dried blood? Anyway, its different. Points for you. My word verification is 'caring'. Aw <3

Richa said...

Ah, I don't like James Bond either. :/
And your theme is cool. What's the link to it?

hopelessly flawed said...

red room...interesting
theme is so cool
@zero zero watever lol

Ubaid said...

Mayray ko bhi yeh theme chaiya hai

The Me. said...

nZ: Glad you agree! x]

Roshni: Yay. I love deep red. The bloody kind. My rooms not that shade though. But still. =p

Maryam: Caring! Hahah aww bloggers being cute! =p

Richa: Shukar hai somebody hates James bond! =o

flawed: Haha yeah it is interesting =p . Thanks =D

As for the theme:

I downloaded it from a random link. I think it was on Deviant art somewhere. I really don't know the link =[ But umm its called Concave =\ . Soo . Goodluck finding it! =p

Anonymous said...

S2 always wins.
The best post among the ones Ive read so far today.