Saturday, July 10, 2010


I just wrote two paragraphs of pointless sh*t [ there, I did it again ^.^], and then backspaced all of it because, as i already mentioned, it was pointless, and crappy. And wasn’t about what I’m actually feeling right now. What I'm actually feeling right now is anxiety, and i don’t want to talk about all that on my blog right now. So. Whatever.

I write more stuff later. Bye bye.

p.s. I got my ID card made today. I’ll get it in about a week’s time or so. The picture, as per tradition, came out sucky. =]

p.s. The flu and headache's still there, and killing me still.


Roshni said...

Feel better soon yo!

Anonymous said...

Get well soon =)

Furqan said...

You're going to die.

Remya said...

I was just going through your Crumbs and i realized something...I

lol@Furqan's comment. ;D

You take care alright?

The Me. said...

Roshni and nZ: Thaanks. =]

Furqan: Thankyou for those kind words. I feel better already. =p

Remya: Awww how nice of you to miss my blog :D . Visit more! =D

hopelessly flawed said...

i haddd to leave a comment so I'll leaving it here.
cool blog...the crumbs are simply scrumptious.
your a blogger through nd through.

P.s:i hope you got well or else lets write a letter t House.