Monday, July 19, 2010

Back in the saddle.

Hello y’all! =D

My results out! I scored Goood. I like my result :D I’m happy! I evewanted this to happen SO bad. And it did! And ain’t God just awesome?

We’re going out to have steaks tonight =D

Some of my friends didn’t get what they wanted, and they’re sad. And I'm sad for them. And I don’t know what to say to them. Because I know how this feels. I know what they’re thinking and feeling, and whatever I tell them right now, it won’t matter. I just hope they feel better soon. Very soon okay?

So anyway. Now that this results out, I have to start focusing on the MAJOR entry test ahead that’s going to decide my precious little future. I have to make it. I have to study like a horse. Or a dog. Anything. I HAVEEEEEE to go all the way! Bas! No excuses.

I’m happy and sad and there’s some anxiety floating around inside me too. But, whatever, I love God for making this happen. And I can’t complain. Seriously.

Okay, bye now.

Pray for me. DO IT! >.< 


Shreya said...

FINALLY after all those never ending exams and never ending exams and never ending exams, you get good results :O :]


All the bestestestestest :]

Roshni said...

Yaay..mubarak ho!

Ally said...

Congrattttttttsss!!!!! *drumrolls* =p

N said...


hopelessly flawed said...


The Me. said...

SHreya: They are truly never ending =[ ! THANKS anyway! =]]

Roshni: Kher mubarak =d !

Ally: Thaaaaanks.

N: =o =p

flawed: Thankyou =]