Friday, July 23, 2010

The farmer’s daughter is mean.

I'm not a saint. I just think.. whatever. Why does being nice have 'consequences'? That doesn't sound fair. That's not encouraging. Really, its not. How am I supposed to be nice if I know people are going to take it for granted and mess with me because of it? That's hardly encouraging.
People are mean.

I want ice cream. Why did I tell mom I didn't want ice cream when she asked me ten minutes ago? :S Now there's no one who can bring it for me.

'I fell in love with the farmer's daughter
We got married last spring'

Wth. Random song on Real player.

I repeat, people are mean.


MagicalMe said...

i'm having ice cream
we share? =]

SaJ said...

How come she's mean???
she brought him iced tea for heavens sake! :)

The Me. said...

magicalme: *snatches the ice creams and runs away*

saj: She poisoned the tea.

Anonymous said...

You fell in love with the farmer's daughter?
That too a mean one? =]