Monday, July 5, 2010

How annoying.

I feel feverish. Headache, flu, forehead-ache, flu. neck-ache, and flu. Did i mention flu?  But its just that i don’t have fever. I checked. 97.7. Bummer.

I’m not going to talk about studies, because that will make me go crazy and i don’t want to feel that way right now.

I was out of city these past few days. Was fun, except for some parts but that's okay.

S2 bought me a shirt. I looove it.

I have this cousin. She's a baby. I call her Teetee. I love her. She’s the best. She’s growing up so fast. No fair. =[ Cute babies should always be babies. And the ugly ones should grow up fast. Really fast. I’m being mean. Poor babies.

I have to wake s2 up in 8 minutes.

I hate it when my throat goes dry because of the A.C. Didn’t use to happen before, but now it does. The A.c is after my throat! >.<

My new clothes are here. All stitched and done. Heh. They’re nice.

I'm really out of things to say. Well not really. Its just. I’m not in that mood right now and I'm just babbling on because i still got 5 mins to wake s2 up. 3 mins now.

Okay. Im not a highlighter person. I underline stuff with a pencil. I just don’t use highlighters. Only rarely, when I'm really bored.

Okay enough. Two mins to go. I’ll manage. Bye.


Roshni said...

pictures of new clothes o-0 ....meh...i want new clothes

Closed eyes... said...

I want new clothes, too! :(
Why are you so mean to the poor babies? I just don't like the crying ones. :p
Try highlighters! They are cool :D

Chocolatelover said...

Awww, babies sound so cute, cause they're all cute. :)
And about fever, get well soon. :)

Moonie said...

i hate babies. i dont nkow why. i just hate babies and kids. i like some but very few. the ones that are nice and dont drool and are not always covered in snot.

Ally said...

Have herbal tea okay, you'll be fine ^^

The Me. said...

roshni: new clothes be cool. :D and pictures? :o they're not thaat special now :$

Closed eyes: yeah the crying ones give me headaches. And highlighters are weird. They dry up so soon :/

Chocolate: cute babies are cute :p and thaanks :)

moonie: totally. Babies should be clean and cold and cuddly. And very cute. I like those ones!

Ally: after i read your comment, i had a mug of hot green tea, and it helped!! Thankyou :D