Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I am Mine.

Life is weird. Its true.
Its funny how I've grown into Somebody over the years. I remember when I was 13, and 14, and 12 and all those weird ages. And I was finding my way through all kinds of things. And now I'm Me. I'm this  person, who has all these thoughts, and opinions about things. There are things I know i want, and things I know I don't want. And I behave a certain way. I have just, grown. My thoughts have changed, and so have my ideas and beliefs, but I'm still the same inside. Just a more extreme version of my older self. It makes me smile. How we keep evolving. And changing. And yet still remain unchanged.
I'm excited, for everything that's ahead of me. Good and bad. I'm excited for the grayness. For all of it. 123

Btw the view out of my room's window is pretty at night. Its not mountains, or the sea, or pretty buildings, not even pretty houses. Its just a couple of trees, and some average looking houses, a lane, and a street light. But its awfully nice to see. And I'm glad to have it.


Moonie said...

you know sometimes i wonder how i got here. and i want to know everything that lead to me being who i am. i mean i know all of it, but i want to remember it all at once and remember all that happenned. so i plan to write it all down, one by one. everything that i remember.

The Me. said...

omG. I know right? I want to remember EVERYTHING. And I want to write it all down too. But its so hard. Cuz i can't really put everything into words. =[