Sunday, April 26, 2009

Between Me and Dad.

So well, everyone knows how awesome Dad is. And he's funny. So here are some random bits and pieces of my short senseless convo's with him. =p

convo # 1:

Dad : Parh nahi rahi ho aajkal.
Me : *putting on a shocked face* : Parh rahi hoooon baba.
Dad : Hmm. Tyaari kaisi hai?
Me : Mujhay nai Pata :\
Dad : Phir kis ko pata hai?
Me : Pata nai :\
Dad : Kyun pata nai?
Me : Bas na, pataa naiiiiiii.
*Dad looks at me like im crazy*

convo # 2 :

*Me sitting doing something, with my hair made up in a different way that i think looks nice on me*
*Dad enters and looks at me*
Dad : Ye baalon ke saath kia kiya hua hai?
Me : Babaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

convo # 3 :

*Mom and dad come to pick me from my friends house. I enter the car*

Mom : Hellooo.
Dad : Hiiii. Har waqt Hiiiiii. Jab bhi baaat karo, Hiiiii. Ghar aao, Hiiiii. Aik word seekh lia hai isnay Hii Hiii karti rehti hai. aur kuch nahi bolti.
Me and Mom : LOL. :\

convo # 4 :

Dad : Acha jaao, doodh aur shehed le ke aao.
Me : Babaaaaa. Raat hai.
Dad : To kia hua raat hai. (Pretends he doesn't know what im talking about :p)
Me : Kitchen main naiii na, please. cockroach =\
Dad : To kia hua cockroach hai to ? (Again pretends he doesn't know what im talking about :p)
Me : Pata hai naa apko. S1 se kahain meray saaath aaye.
Dad : To kia kehta hai cockroach? Apna kad dekho aur cockroach se darna dekho.
Me : Kad se kia hota hai.
Dad : Jaao, jaldi se laao. Garam kar ke.
Me : :(
* i obey*

Convo # 5 :

*Dad calls at the ptcl number for something. I pick up*

Me : Hello?
Dad : Hello..
Me *business like tone* : Jee, Asalamualaikum, aap kaun baat kar rahay hain?
Dad : Pagal baat kar rahi ho?
Me *indifferent* : Aap kaun baat kar rahay hain?
Dad : Main aa ke batata hoon kaun baat kar raha hoon.
Me : hahahah. HI!

The End.

P.s. My dad's a very serious person btw. Seriously.


Sd said...

ROFL !! hahaha .. funniest of all =D .. u r craaaazy lol .. iska part 2 hona chiay .. =p

Maaz. said...

Pakistan for the world cup!!!!

Cat said...

i miss him =<

Cat said...
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Cat said...

Aw I love the bond! =D