Monday, May 4, 2009


Long time. Urdu paper. Funny-ness. Stupid paper. Hateness.
Exhaustion. Full time. Phsyics next. Two-word sentences. Loool.
Jet sports. Masala Lays. Time wasting disease. Message monster.

..Ok, Message monster. Good topic. I am a message monster. I text like crazy. I wake up and my cellphone says '11 new messages'. Now thats weird. Isn't it? Eleven. From around 6 different people. or 7. Oh, here it beeps again. Beep beep. Thats my message ringtone. Its a quick Beebeeep!

..Blood Diamond <3 .

.. %-) is my favourite emoticon nowadays. Its stands for a crazy *beebeeep again* , state of mind. So im %-) nowadays. Its not fun.

.. It rained like crazy today. I was so happy. I had a fever kinda, before the paper and a bad stomachache, but the weather was so pretty. Peace.



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