Sunday, April 12, 2009



Alright, so first thing. I hate giving titles to each and every post. I dont write about a particular topic and so i dont have a particular title to give to any of my posts. So this title thing annoys me quite alot. And you know what else annoys me quite alot? Sh annoys me QUITE alot. A moment ago, she tampered with the pc wires and my internet stopped working again. =@ And now its working again. And now she's trying to clean the bed im sitting on. :@ She also took the matress in my room to the other room :@ . I am ANNOYED.
Okay. I am going to calm down now.
So. The sun is insanely bright again. Im trying to ignore Sh's random muttering right now.
My headache is better today. Stupid coffee. And and. What else. I drank tea today and i didn't like it at all. It had a weird taste. And i couldn't finish it. But i did. I always finish stuff. I even finish the death-by coffee. OMG I CANT TOLERATE SH RIGHT NOW :O . SHE IS ASKING ME TO PLAY SONGS. Im angry.
She messed up the wires. Then she made remarks about my studies. Now she is asking me to play songs. She just held Mr.Hubbles upside down by one leg. =\ Whats wrong with her?
I shall commit murder today.


I just saw the first drop of rain fall on my terrace. How prettay!

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