Friday, April 10, 2009

Elive again!

Im out of hibernation. Finally. And back with more. Back with 1 Mb ptcl awesomeness. ^.^
Wohoo to that. Okay. Err, why is my downloading speed confused between 11-13 kbps ? :) Why?
I was really loving the 148 kbps :o . Stupid.
Okay well. Today is Urdu day so i have a sher for all of you:

Ye aarzu thi keh tujhay gul ke roobaroo kartay
hum aur bulbul betaab guftugu kartay.

Awesome. This above sher means. That the poet loves the mehboob, and the bird loves the flower. Bird thinks flower is prettier but poet thinks mehboob is prettier. So the poet wants a confrontation. He wants to put the flower and mehboob together, so that he and birdy can argue about whose prettier. He thinks he'll win.

Yeah so thats that. Speed is , 128 now. Phew. Alright so theres nothing much to tell really right now, except that i am about to go downstairs to get biryani. And lights gonna go out again. And thats going to be deadly because emergency lights have all retired. And mosquitos are going to conquer. OMG. The weirdest thing. S1 found a 'cockraoch's leg' *OMG DEJA VU*, on the quilt =\ . I dont know where it came from or how =\ But its scary and weird. Hahaha, when i told Sh about the leg, she said, it cant be a cockroach's leg 'aisa to nai ho sakta na keh cockroach aaya ho, apni taang phenk kar chala gya ho' :P hahah. Funny.

Ok its gotten quite cold here nowadays btw. Funny. Mid april and cold. Lol.
Lovin it.
Ok bye. Enough.

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