Saturday, April 11, 2009


The sun is way too bright outside. Its unreal. 
But im still wearing my socks/shoes type thingies. 
Today is chemistry day. Yesterday was Urdu day. 
Im trying to incorporate 'healthy meals' in place of Coffee in my diet. 
I cant last very long without coffee.
My study session will start at 2 pm.
My room is littered with rose petals. S1 went to a wedding last night and brought a flowery mass back with her which apparently leaks. And litters.
My room smells like a wedding hall now.

Im sleepy!
Mustt...have..coffe-NO. Cant have coffee. *must =(*

Ok enough.


Anonymous said...

Remember no Coffee ... you have the power to resist coffee :P

Cat said...

s2 be missing =(
u could've written,
s1 went to a wedding yesterday and i missed s2 cuz i was home alone [p].
yes, I'm an attention seeker!