Friday, April 17, 2009



I had tea again today. In the morning. It was alot better than the first time i drank it.
Alright so i dont hav my glasses right now and i really dont know what im typing. I cant see.
Im blinf. Blind as a bat.


OmG omG . On the terrace. i hear two cats. and a crow and screams and fights and omG what not. Its quite disturbing. One cat is making evil noises. Must go and check!
back. No i cant see them. I still can hear them. I hate cats ALOT. They're so evil and they always want to be pampered. EW.


I just realized that i raise my eyebrow alot. Even though i dont really know how to. I first lower one eyebrow, then raise the other one, so that in comparison, it looks properly raised. I can hear a dog barking outside. I hope he ate the screaming cat.

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