Thursday, April 16, 2009



So here's whats funny. I was very tired. And so i forgot about the studies and the tensions of the world ( :p ) and i turned the lights out and went to sleep. When i finally woke up, i wasn't sleepy anymore and i didn't have a headache. Then, i was such a genius, i decided to drink coffee anyway, to get 'fresher', and so i did. And now i have a headache. =)


EARTHQUAKE. Just happened. =( Its the 4th one this year i guess. What the hell. I think my theory is right after all. Earthquakes are gonna get as common as bomb blasts. We're all going to get used to earthquakes. I for one am not that jumpy anymore. Its the second time that i didn't run out of the door like crazy after the earthquake :p. Man..
My legs aren't even shaking. Im so brave. I didn't even get up from where i was sitting. :o Im very brave.

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