Sunday, July 8, 2012

Silversun pickups.

These last few days of college have been great. No lectures. No attendance issues.
I'm living with my Khala these days. Nd asked me to come live here since no one else was at home, and my Khala needed some company. I gladly agreed, considering how unlivable hostel had become lately. It's like living in a Steam room. And then, having to study for your final Brain stage in the steam room. Is torture. More like death really. So. Yeah. I packed up my bags, (tiny little red bag actually), and came here. And it's been awesome. I have this room to myself. This awesome little air conditioned room. (Wapda has forgotten all about the whole load shedding thing. Since i've come here. OMG). I eat my awesome little breakfast every morning. Little kebab sandwich with coffee. I study when I want to. I sleep when i want to. I go down for yummy home made food when i want to. And all i'm left with is my final Brain Viva tomorrow. Last test of the year. (Excluding the sendups and profs which are yet to come, ofc). Then Holidays. YAY. And the best part? Bestfriend N is coming to stay for a week. So we're both going home together. YAY again.
Too much to be glad about.
I watched Thor yesterday. Loved it. I don't know why. But i did. It was so entertaining. Asgard was so pretty. I keep relating it to this song that I recently heard. Its from Game of Thrones apparently, which I haven't watched. Called the Rain of Castamere. I'm in love.
Something else that I'm in love with, is Silversun Pickups. The Band. It's perfect for me these days. Perfect background study music. Quiet music. Cold music. I like.
I miss winters so much. Come already!
S2's coming tonight. She's probably not going to let me study. I should study now. But I don't want to. Basal Ganglia. Mehh.. Who cares.
Okay I'm dying to listen to Anathema right now. But my internet's acting supremely weird. I just had coffee. It was nice. I've also realized. That I love hot coffee. Cold coffee just doesn't match up to it. No matter how yummy. I'm trying to steal the neighbor's wifi. But that's creating issues too. SOMEBODY LET ME LISTEN TO ANATHEMA PLISS. Argh.

YAY. Neighbour's wifi ftw. Bless them.
Umm. On a side note. I want Galaxy s3 again. I know I shouldn't. I know that i had it and lost it. But now i want it again. And I can't help it. I just WANT MY PHONE BACK. *sniff* There's an s3 shaped hole in my heart. That no e72 can fill. Heh. Okay. Enoughofthedrama.

I need to buy new t-shirts. Badly.
At times I'm unhealthily optimistic.

I will do a picture post soon. It's been really long. Well part of the reason is, that my camera's memory card is stuck in my laptop. IN my laptop. Not in the memory card slot, but somewhere inside my laptop's inner insides. -___- Don't ask me how that happened. It just did. It sucked my memory card in. So I have stopped taking pictures. Bleh.

Okaybye. Brain awaits.


Nur R. said...

Your wonderful blog has just been nominated for a blog award by me!

See more details at!


SaJ said...

Brain stages are the devil.
I miss kebab sandwiches.

The Me. said...

Nur: i shall do the blogaward post soon. YAYERS!

Oh and.

KWP said...

Hi, Me. It has been a long long time since i last commented on your blog. Bleh. You are just the same. You make university and hostel life interesting. *Starts reading other posts*

KWP said...

p.s. You should be jailed for loosing S3.

Nina said...

that is a such gorgeous phone!

The Me. said...

KWP: Hahah. Still the same? I guess I am.
I didn't lose it on purpose. =[

Nina: It is. *sad sigh*