Saturday, June 30, 2012

A bi-polar post.

I like the sound of water falling.
Rain, waterfall, shower, tap, anything.
It refreshes me. Mentally.

Nestle's cold coffee is not bad.
I kept it in the freezer too long.
Now it's frozen.

There are days when you wake up in the morning.
And you know your day is going to suck.
Today was one of those days.
I survived. I'm glad.

I hate losing my temper.
I never shout, no, but i do get all serious and weird.
I always feel like such an idiot later.

I want my cellphone to beep today.
Its not beeping.
Why it is not beeping?

You don't always have to be able to relate to a song.
Or a movie, or a book.
In order to be in love with it. No you don't. I don't.

I've realized, and accepted that people are not permanent.
They come, and go.
You just have to deal with it.

And now i need to talk about something, that is definitely going to exceed three lines. Okay. I do NOT get how people just judge other people based on how 'religious' they are. I do not understand this concept. I literally don't. How do you judge? Who exactly are you to judge? How is their religion any of your business? Do you know their life story? Do you know what they do or think or believe in their hearts and minds? Do you think you're qualified to go preach your opinions to them? Do you think they're interested? Did you ask? Did you consider it important enough to ask? Is your meaning of 'religious' the same as theirs? Does it even matter to you if it isn't? What does being 'religious' mean anyway? Is there any one definition? I believe not. Lets see. One guy. Prays five times a day. Check. Recites the Quran. Check. Beard. Check. Shalwar kamiz (shalwar above the ankles). Check. Check check check. Religious enough for you? Sure. Okay. Same guy. Blows up a mall at night. Religious? Not so much? No? Did you know? Could you judge? I don't think so.
I hate how people just make their minds up about other people like that. The stupid, baseless judgements they pass. I hate it. I just really really do. And I've seen it happen too much lately. And it pisses me off every single time. Its nauseating.

Okay. That's about it. I'm done.
Funny how this post is so. Bi-polar. Yep, that's what the title is going to be.

Gotta go study Neuroanatomy now. Yuck.


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Nina said...

liked the bi-polarity of it all :)

Randomhyper. said...

Religious rant: YES.