Friday, July 27, 2012

Cockroach rant.

Why are cockroaches so big? I mean. What need do they have for that size? That freakin HUGE ass size? Why can't they be small, and mind their own business like other normal insects? Actually, no insect minds it's own business. Which is why i hate them. All of them. Insects. Yuck.
My house, is, at the moment, INFESTED with roaches, and i hyperventilate every time i see one. Actually, hyperventilating is the least i do. I freak out, and scream and run for my life. And I do not normally scream. I am not the screamy shrieky kind of person.
They freak me out, with their blackness and their feelers and their weird hairy legs. And I mean. Did you know, they have teeth in their stomach? Teeth like things actually. It's called a Gizzard. YUCK.
Why are they so quick? And. I mean. Ew. The way they move. They don't walk. They scurry. Its creepy. And they think they own the world. They walk and sit and fly anywhere they want like their dad paid for it. Whether it be behind a dustbin or on top of my frikkin plate. >.<
I hate them. I hate them. I hate them.
And i will DIE if my mom doesn't do anything about them tomorrow while i'm at my friend's place. I will DIE.



BT said...

Spare yourself and buy insecticide!

Randomhyper. said...

Hahaha this is one hell of a phobia. It makes me laugh.

KWP said...

My bestie is scared of roaches too. Hahaha. Do you know roaches have white blood? Squish kar ke dekho :p

The Me. said...

Yes, I know about that. I wish I didn't know so much about them. But I do. Yuck.