Thursday, July 19, 2012

Need to find a name for posts like these.

The following post is random and haphazard. Try and keep up.

College is over.
Been more than a week since I'm home. N left yesterday. Had one hell of a week here at home. I don't know why all my friends get along so well with my family. N came and took over. My mom, who is not easily pleased, at all, keeps telling me she misses N now that she's gone. She's a fan. We watched movies, went out, sneaked out while the Parents were out of city, ate like monsters, slept like dogs, laughed like a couple of retards and pretty much wasted ourselves the entire week. Aah. Fun. I even helped her cook. Lasagne. Yum-may!

Anyway. Now that the fun week's over, i need to make a routine. I need to start studying. For my exams in September. Today, I'm going to a dinner. Going to meet all my friends. And also other people who i don't know. Going to wear s2's blue dress that I've been wanting to wear since so long now. I haven't even tried it on. And omG. 4 new messages on my cellphone, and I've hardly written two paragraphs. Weird. Lemme check. Okay. Three texts from W. One from the friend whose dinner I'm going
to. Confirming the time. Okay.

The light just came back. Yay.

I finished Girl who played with Fire. Read more than 200 pages yesterday. Couldn't put it down. Started Girl who kicked the hornet's nest this morning. Watching Girl with the dragon tattoo, the movie, right now. Its not an easy movie to watch. Violent. Sort of. I had a good breakfast today. Popcorn-chicken sandwich. I ran on the treadmill last night. What a rush exercise gives you. Need to incorporate it into my routine. Which I've yet to make. Routine, i.e.

s1's obsessed with Minesweeper.

My stomach hurts. I need to buy birthday presents for a whole bunch of people. It's killing me. I need to organize things. I have no idea where I spent my pocket money of this month. It's all gone. Well, almost gone. My ATM card's lost. Need to block that and get a new one made. Need to get my old sim back. Need to do so many things. Need to get off my lazy ass and start getting things done.
Shit my stomach hurts.

s1's watching The Last Samurai.

s1 whines about me being inaccessible most of the times. I don't think I'm inaccessible. I just sort of. Get lost sometimes. Most of the times actually. In my thoughts. Haha. Dramatizing, i am. Forget it.

Okay btw.

I Hate it when people over react to things. Hate it when people post pictures of babies on their facebook. They all look the same. Hate it when people lie unnecessarily. Hate it when my stupid class fellows add me on Facebook with this message:

buddy accept ma request, what happened, forgot that biochem vivas company [:(]

I once revised some questions with her before a viva. I don't dislike her, but dude please. Hate Two and a half men. HATE it. Hate it when Daewoo hostesses act like they're doing you a favor when you ask them for water.

Okay this post wasn't supposed to be a hate post. Whatswrongwithme.

Anyway. I've been dreaming a lot. Again. There are stretches, where I don't remember most of my dreams. But then there are times like the present, where i dream a billion dreams every night and remember each and every one of them, in detail. Last night, I had a dream that I think easily qualifies as one of the worst dreams I've had in a long time. It was such a perfect mixture of everything that I hate, am scared of, feel uncomfortable with, or am grossed out by. Like my brain deliberately concocted it for me. Perfect mixture of evil. -_____- Stupid.

I would love to live alone for sometime. I'm sure I've talked about it before on my blog but I just want to say it again. I want to live on my own for sometime. In a nice little flat. Somewhere, where it's cold all year. A month of summer would do. I'd love to work on something I like all day, research maybe. And work at it until my back hurts. And then I'd like to collapse on the bed. Around midnight. I'd take the weekends off. And enjoy myself. Okayenoughofthedaydreaming.

I'll go now.
Ah. Blogging is therapy. Seriously.


Thoth said...


The Me. said...

I am going to take that as a compliment, thankyou.

..but seriously, write like what?

Thoth said...

Well to be honest, there is nothing of interest here for me. But once i start reading, i couldn't stop. It was like addicting stream of consciousness sort of thing. When mundane becomes the dane(?)
right. Ok like i don't wanna talk about it. kthxbye