Thursday, July 26, 2012

Brand New Day.

I'm pretty sure I wrote a post by the same name last year. And it must have been during the time I was watching Lie to Me. And I'm watching it again these days and i LOVE the OST.

I need to break out, and make a new name. Let's open our eyes, to a brand new day. Its a brand new day.

Aaah. Love.

I made myself the awesomest sandwich last night for Sehri. Pepperoni and smoked chicken fillets with thin cucumber slices, thousand island and some mayo. YUM.

I'm going to make coffee now, and watch the Last Samurai with it.
I find the Batman series depressing. Batman is always so depressed and conflicted and dark. Takes out the superhero aspect from it. Bleh.


BT said...

Hey hey I'm fasting! Lol. (That sounded like one good sandwich, by the way.) I think I'll make a poached egg sandwich for myself tomorrow morning.

I've never watched the Batman series, but I have seen snippets of the movies and I think he looks BA actually. His story is also more realistic than any other superheroes'. But then again, my favorite color is black.

The Me. said...

Superheroes wouldn't be superheroes if they were realistic. =p