Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Five things.

1. Why are cockroaches so big?

2. Lobsters are like giant cockroaches. I will never eat a lobster.

3. there's nothing better than taking a shower. With cold water. Therapeutic.

4. Never add white Horlicks to your tea as an experiment. It will taste like pasta. (Believe it or not). And no one likes to drink pasta.

5. I miss Msn messenger, and talking to people till 5 a.m in the morning. That kind of thing doesn't happen anymore. Where are those people?


~RainDrops said...

I miss msn messenger too. I still have a few conversations saved.. and LOL lobsters :P

PeaBee said...

I *hate* cockroaches.
But lobster is quite tasty :P

The Me. said...

raindrops: Ooh. I don't. I wish i did though.

peabee: Eeek.

A. Zahra said...

Oh my God, i hate lobsters!
I miss msn messenger too. It was fun.

Morpheus said...

LOL. Loved this post! <3