Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Russell Crowe is more important than you.

I don't feel like writing anything. I feel like blogging, but i don't feel  like typing. But I am now, because i really feel like blogging. Anyhow.
   Me and my friends are giving our friend Z, a surprise birthday party. So me, Sd and M might go to buy a present for her tomorrow. That'd be fun. I also have to go to the dentist tomorrow. I hate my dentist appointments. >.<
I talked to Sd for an hour on phone just now. That was nice. I should do that more often.
  I'm over rated. And under rated too. Just saying.
I'm halfway through my novel. Yay.
OmG I downloaded Robin hood finally! And ima watch it now with Chicken chunks and bread =$ . And 2 cookies. Fun.
I love staying up at night. Its because this is Me time. I love being all by myself at night and watching movies, and reading nice stuff. And reading my novel too. I love it.
I'm scared of changing my blogger template. I found a lot of nice ones but none of them seems like the 'right one'. I feel as If i change my template, my blog will lose its thing. =[ Its a stupid fear, but yes I have it. So unless i find THE PERFECT BLOGGER TEMPLATE, I'm not changing anything. I might change the banner up there though! I might make a couple of new banners and then I'll upload them up here and everyone can help me decide which o

nes the best :D . That sounds nice.
I wish we still wrote letters to each other. There's such a nice feeling to it.
Okay bubye.
Russell Crowe is waiting, and he's more important than you.


I made this cardboard thingy for Mom on her birthday. Even though I'm not 10 anymore. =p


Tazeen said...

The cardboard thingy's real cute =)

I think you sound cute too. No, I'm not a freakish cyber-stalker. :D

I also think that changing templates is a bit scary. You know, what if it doesn't look right and this homey-feel about the blog disappears :/ It's hard to find perfect templates but not impossible. All the best!

Maryam said...

You're talking about perfect templates? I'm a psycho when it comes to my blog's template. It takes me weeks to find just the right one and if I get even ONE negative comment, I take weeks again to change it to the perfect one. Which always seems to elude me =(

Raat ko jaagna is best and you hit it dead on, its exactly Me time. Boht acha waqt hota hai I love it <3

~RainDrops. said...

wow :D

Roshni said...

I made a cardpaper thing for my HIM...and felt real embarrased after sending it in the post.... it had glittery stars and everything -nod- ..true story. Im sure your mama appreciated it!

Sara said...

i loooveee staaying up at night too. night time is beautiful. and it's me time is what i like the most about it. no interruptions, no interferences just me and my time all mine. i dont like to waste it sleeping away =p but my parents hate it when i wake up so late in the day. lol
Anyway, please dont change the template. it totally goes with your personality =) And as for letter writing, my best friend and i used to do that until 2 years ago when we got really busy with our studies. Writing letters and posting cards. such a nice warm feeling, no?

Remya said...

Aww...that cardboard is sooo cool! I betcha my mother wants you as her kid..Coz last mother's day, I just gave her a Chocolate and told her to give me a treat, instead!
So cool. ^_^
Oh, Btw...Im officially adopting you as my Randomness Sister!
You're wayy cool.
Comme moi xD
Take care! :))

Shreya said...

hahahha you ARE 10 :]

wishes from my end too! :)

Alpha Za said...

Haha, this is perhaps the most random oddball entertaining post I've read in a while.

Templates are tough, lots of people experiment and see how they feel. Personally I've always been a fan of my simple clean cut one, probably because I feel it gives a respectable background to the batshit crazy stuff I day.

Good stuff.

The Me. said...

Tazeen: Hahah thaaanks. :D Totally, the homey feeling shall stay =[ !

Maryam: Hainaaa. I usually look for templates at night. Ive tried a couple but sent them to the bin for one reason or the other. And LOL, how true about the negative comment =p. But I think once i find the right one, I'd be so in love with it keh a negative comment wouldn't matter too much =p

Raindrop: ^.^ Heh.

Roshni: :D Hahah. You shouldn't have been embarrassed. I love making things like these. No one does it anymore! =[

The Me. said...

Sara: Totallly, writings letters be awesome. There's no feeling in typing. Writing is the best =p. And i agree. Night time is too valuable to waste it sleeping =p. Im totally free these days so my parents don't mind how late i wake up =D So yay.

Remya: Awww thaanks =D Hahah. Randomness ftw!

Shreya: =[ Im Eighteeeeen! Growing up is over rated -.-

Alpha Za: Hahah thanks =p Glad you find it entertaining. And yeaah, I need a relatively simple template too. Let hope i find one =\

Moonie said...

but it says from Baba at the end. how come?

The Me. said...

Moonie: Haha, i wrote Baba and my name as well as my sisters' names at the end. I rubbed em all before uploading the pic, except his. =p

uzme said...

Can never get myself to care for the templates. Templates are stupid. Your template is perfect. I like potatoes.