Monday, September 27, 2010

Limbless Blunts.

-Ants are really evil. They're always hungry.
-I had a cold glass of milk a little while ago.
-Dad really liked the tea that I made today.
-He told me I was dressed like an Athlete today.
-He is funny.
-S2 is coming tomorrow, and will stay for around a month.
-We'll eat a lot and I'll get fat. And she won't let me sleep.
-I went shopping for household stuff with mom. She was like a kid in a candy store. I dragged her out of the superstore. Me and dad teased her about it in the car later.
-I'm listening to random limbless songs tonight. Yes. I said Limbless.
-I don't like one of my friends anymore. In a way. Its kinda sad.
-I dread everything.
-S1 wanted to watch Casablanca with me. But i was sleeping. So we'll do it later.
-Don't leave me alone on a sofa. Ill fall asleep instantly.
-Mom hid my novel under the pillow that day.
-I watched Marley and Me last night, and cried at the end.
-I’m going to turn the TV on. There's some movie on with Nicholas Cage. And that guy from Frost Nixon. I think I've seen this movie.
-I’m changing the channel.
-I can't wait for our new house to be ready. Its taking AGES.
-Meryl Streep is RETARDED in Mamma Mia.
-I changed my XP theme again. Its all white now.
-Really? Well-my! Miss Pool certainly has quite an imagination!
-My friend said that I wear black too often.
-Some of my sentences are longer than the others. Did you notice?


Anonymous said...

Haha.. nice little snippets.. only you can come up with amazing posts like these =)

Maryam said...

I can't tell you how many of those sentences applied to me last night, this morning and even right now =D

hopelessly flawed said...

love the rant...this post is so you...typically awesome.

Anonymous said...


The Me. said...

nZ: :D Awww man. Thankyou ^.^

Maryam: Oooo. Haha. Fun. I hope the Marley and Me waali applied to you as well, cuz everyone thinks i'm nuts for crying at the end =$ .

hopelessly flawed: Your comment made me SO happy :D . THANKYOU!

s1: Khekhe ^.^


Roshni said...

(almost) Nobody else ticks me off as much as Nicholas Cage -shudders-