Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Got a minute?

I got together with my friends to celebrate an early Chaand raat today. We had a GREAT time. I looked nice too. I'm going to get another haircut soon. Different hairstyle this time.
It was the 27th Night of Ramzan today. I prayed. And felt nice. It was fun.

s2's been pressuring me to blog about her. A blog post that'd be about her, and her only. I would've written one in no time, but because she's been asking me to write it, now i can't. So I've decided, there's no hurry. I'll take my time. And then I'll write a post about s1 too.

I want to be very rich very soon. I'll buy LOTS of new clothes, so that I don't have to get any stitched. I'd just buy them all ready-made. And I'll buy me a new pair of jeans. I badly need one. I'd book a trip to Paris. I'd buy a Library. I'd give free food to everyone. Everyone on the road. Everyone on the street. Everyone. I'd do so much! Money is reallllly nice.

You know what frustrates me? When people don't try to be happy. When they lack the will to be happy. When they don't make a REAL effort to make themselves feel better. When they blame other things and other people for their problems. When they accept failure. When they're too lazy to get up and try to make their lives better. When they think they CANT. It just makes me angry.

I'm watching a miniseries these days. Its called Little Dorrit, by Charles Dickens. I love it. You can find it on youtube. If you want to watch it, ask for it, in the comments. I'll find the link for you. I love it. I'm reading a book called Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell. =\ Read about 30 pages so far. I hope I like it.

Its 5:21 a.m.

My post titles are getting random-er and random-er. :)

I want to do something really creative tomorrow. =]
Okay bye.


Anonymous said...

Eheeheee. Lovely, cute crumbs Psych rant :D And that randomania too :P It frustrates me as well when people want to sulk in induced sadness :/
Cute bloggie u have! :d

Sara said...

i feel the same way about money. i could do so much. but anyway i'm not counting on getting rich. lol
So what's this miniseries about. I'd love to watch it since i dont have a lot to do these days except sleeping and reading. Please do give me the link.


P.S. If you want to read something light and funny, read '2 states' by chetan bhagat. i completed it just last night and loved it!

Maryam said...

I loved Little Dorrit, the book. Its so sweet.

~RainDrops. said...

you r so cute o.o

The Me. said...

xehra: Thankyou thankyou thankyouuu :D Glad you think so too about the sulkness -.- .

Sara : Neither am I. But one can always wish you see =p . And yeah please do watch it. Heres the link

There are more, if you want. =D
And I'll google the book in just a mo. Thanks =]

Maryam: Oh you've read the book? Niiice. Its funny, the day after i started watching it, i went to the bookstore and saw Little Dorrit there. Hadn't heard of it before that.

Raindrops: o.o aww. Hahaha. Thankyou! =p

Marina said...

"i want to be very is really nice."
you sound like the inside of my head!

Roshni said...

"I looked nice too".. haha..dude finally someone who's happy with how they loook.... I look like a scumbag on most days...mostly 'cuz of sleep deprivation et al..=/ ...lets discuss eid clothes one day ^_^..................... only eid is like what in 2 days? ...meh...

Moonie said...

what are you doing to your hair?

The Me. said...

Marina: Haha. I think I sound like the inside of everyone's head there =p

Roshni: Dont worry, we all have our days =p . And ooh eid clothes. I had an eid clothes disaster this time =p. Had to wear some last minute stuff which I didn't really like. But it looked good so, I said, oh whatev. =p How were yours? =d

Moonie: Well. I'd either do nothing, and change my fringe to a simple flick. OR. I'd cut them a little short with a billion sharp layers. =o . Lets seeee.

Tazeen said...

I want to watch it too!