Saturday, September 11, 2010


Hello all.
Happy Eid, all.
I love eid. I love chaand raat too.
We go over to our cousins/khala's place every year but this time we aren't. And that sucks. And I'll spend the eid at home. Which is not the way- WTH :S . A mosquito BIT my hand just now. ARGH. Okay. So. This is not the way eid is supposed to be. It should be all about relatives and ye woh. =[

I've put on Mehendi though. Its nice. S1 always puts it for me. I'll upload a pic soon. Im lazy right now.



This picture is of the early chaandraat celebrationn I had with my friends.



It feels weird. To not have to go to the kitchen at 3 am to help mom with sehri. The routines gonna change now. Maybe ill sleep allot more. Or allot less? Lets see.

S2 is here nowadays. She has an exam real soon after Eid so she's busy studying. Which makes it not so fun for meh. -.- No one wants to enjoy eid with me tomorrow =[ .

The place where the mosquito bit is swollen now btw. Thankyouverymuch.

Life's smooth these days. Not too smooth. So its alright. I'm free. I can do anything i want. In a way.

Two of my friends are going to London College of Fashion. I'm all envy -.- . Must be fun.

WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO NESCAFE GOLD BTW? It used to be great before. But now it tastes like Burnt wood or something of the sort. =S I don't get it. I had the worst cup of coffee today. It sucked so much that my body wanted to sleep right after i had it.

Mom says that I'm a good human being. ^.^ Heh. I'm so lovable. Aww.


p.s. make sure you enjoy your eid okay?


R said...

Eid Mubarak! Have fun :D

Anonymous said...

You too make sure that you enjoy your EID =)

Maryam said...

Eid Mubarak =)

AND THANK YOU nobody seems to be ready to admit that Nescafe Gold has gone psycho, I've been saying it tastes like chars wala cigarette for ages but NOOOOO. Khair. I've switched to Brazo. The red wali =D

fatima- said...

eid mubarik-

Ubaid said...

EId mubarak :)

~RainDrops. said...

Eid mubarak to you too! have a grand one :)

P i x i e said...

the pic is so nice <3
so is the post =]

The Me. said...

R: Kher Mubarak ! =]

Salman Saeed: Haha, I did try , thanks! :p

Maryam: OmG YOU AGREE! It means I'm not the only one! -.- Stupid Nescafe Gold. Yaaar. I once bought Brazo, i don't know which one, but i hated it =[ . Woot. =[

fatima and Ubaid : Kher mubarak =]]

Raindrops: Aw thanks :D . And I didn't have a great one, but oh well. Thanks anyway =]

Pixie: and so is your comment :D !

hera k said...

I jumped to your blog from Maryams blog. This post of yours is sooo cute. Adorable. And Eid Mubarak. Hope the mehndi looks great.

Tazeen said...

The picture's real pretty! <3

I don't know what's wrong with these days :s I can't seem to be able to get enough froth over it despite beating it for a longgg time.

The Me. said...

hera k: Haha thaaanks. Kher Mubarak! And the mehendi did come out nice :D

Tazeen: Thankyou =D And yeaaah that happens with the coffee sometimes =\ . Umm if you want froth, then there's a way. Which involves the blender. I kinda forgot. =$ But yeah it gives alot of froth us tarha =p .

Moonie said...

i spent it in my night suit. i am anti-eid. -.-

Anonymous said...

Nescafe Gold tastes like vomit now.

Also, i was soo ready to enjoy eid with you =(