Friday, September 24, 2010


So! These late night cravings are getting really annoying now. It was Pancakes, one day, Cream Rolls, the other, and today, I crave for Steak. I mean, I could do something about it had it been a decent hour. But its 3:30 am now and there's no way I'm getting a steak at this time =[ . Aah. Well. It is what it is. Lets forget about it.

So! I'm feeling excited about two things. I've talked about them on and on, and I'm afraid ill jinx them. But I'm just excited. And its not wrong to be excited is it? Eeee. I wish both these things would happen, and happen smoothly. And I shall be happy. So happy.

So! This friend of mine told me, that I'm in love with myself. And well. Its true. Yes I am. I love myself. LOL! - No seriously. What's there to LOL about. I love myself and I think everybody should love themselves too. Its very important. I mean. I'm not perfect. I have my faults. Like, aloot of them. And I try to kill them too. But that's going to take time. And I know it. Cuz no ones perfect. So you're always going to have a fault in you. But that doesn't mean that you don't have to like youu! I've no patience with people who don't love them selves. Loving yourself does not mean feeling like you're all parfait and you don't need to work on yourself. It just means, that. You're awesome. And its okay to be imperfect.

Okay, enough of this.

So! I made Roti (chapaati, or whatever) today. It was rectangular. Haha.

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Ally said...

Loving yourself is the best thing ever!if you can't love yourself than you can't love anyone else either..well thats what I think..
It is so much better than wallowing in self pity, and low self esteem...
right??? :) Rectangular roti .. lol u should have taken a picture! =p i make circular but distorted rotis btw =p
Oh You're welcome =)
okay b'bye!! THANK YOU TOOO ! :D

Anonymous said...

I love myself too. I make roti sometimes in the shape of some country's map. Haha! Though I made something else too, you would love to read it, cuz its funny :D

Maryam said...

Aw <3

I hope your two things go smooth and make you happy =D

Roshni said...

rectangluar roti..dude..don't you have one of those circular things that you put the dough on to roll with the rolling pin thing? ...could work I suppose -unsure- ..
ps: thankyou for making me crave cream rolls. wth empty calories y0. next time something healthy please.

Anonymous said...

Same here, I crave for craziest food to appear out of thin air at the craziest times of night, and nothing can be done about it till that craving fades away =/

and yes, we should totally love ourselves, if we won't, no one else would love us either..

Sara said...

awww that is so cute!

Bea said...

LOL chapatis are one thing which need extra attention and practise to be perfectly circular..

Tazeen said...

I think it's okay to love oneself. In fact, it's a very good thing!

And my chapatis always end up like the map of Australia. :/

The Me. said...

Ally: Hahha. Yeah i thought about taking a picture but then, pata nai kyun nai lee =p . Next time! =p

Salman Saeed: Ill check it out sometime. =)

Maryam: Thaaanks. I hope tooo! =}

Roshni: Hahaha. Okay i'll try to crave something healthy next time =P . And yeaah that circular thing. My moms actually trying to teach me the Desi way of doing it, so tabhi. Its just me, me hands and the rolling pin. -.-

nZ: Seriously. People don't love people who don't love themselves. And Cravings suck, because they don't fade away so easily =[

Sara : ^.^ Gee, thanks!

Bea: Totally. Practice is the key! I don't practice much at all though =[

Tazeen: Hahah. Australia! Haw =p