Thursday, June 3, 2010

Little house.

I need a haircut. I need it soon.

Its raining outside. Ill go make coffee and maybe sit on the terrace. I'm afraid of the mosquitoes you see, but maybe they won’t bite if I walk rather than sit on the terrace. So lets see.

I feel like i don’t blog enough these days. Its not like I'm too busy. I’m never too busy, to do the things I wanna do, i think.

The TV's on and there’s this guy wearing a bright green shirt. Ew =s .

Bats frighten Batman. Cockroaches frighten me. Okay.

I just peeled off lots of skin off my lips. And now it hurts =[ .

What's with the stupid internet. It comes and goes. Its the rain, isn’t it? Yeah.

Yesterday wasn’t a very good day. I was tired and whatnot. I don’t know.

I like that song. Little House, by Amanda Seyfried. Its in Dear John, the movie. Its nice.

I’m reading The Runaway Jury on my cell phone these days. I don’t like Nicholas Easter that much. He thinks he owns the air.

Why am I being random and weird like this? I don’t know. Bear with me.

I want chocolate mousse. I really really want it. Oh. Maybe I can try making it tomorrow? Maybe, you know. Maybe i will.

Its Batman’s birthday. Lol.

That didn’t make much sense right? But it did to me. Because you see, I know what I'm talking about.

I’m being lame, and its annoying me. So I'm going to go and make some coffee.

Coffee, I adore you. Lets always be friends okay? =)


Roshni said...

yes coffee is the besttt...dude..peeling lips isn't good or licking lips. Just use a little bit of aloe vera balm or something..o-0

Anonymous said...

yes coffee is good and peeling off not, its a bad joke like batman's joker why so serious? just be as you are and the followers can bear you being random :D

N said...

i made cold coffee today! it was GOOD. i <3 coffee. i hate it when i peel my lips too much. and being random is okay. feels good sometimes.

Anonymous said...

coffee is best when weather is gud and big relief in this hot summer...