Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beatin like a hammer.

I had cold coffee tonight. I'm all jumpy. Im watching Gilmore Girls. Its fun to watch. Me and my sisters, HAVE to have a tv show to watch during summer holidays. Its just a trend. I want to continue it. We're out of tv shows actually. Seen em all. Pff.

Fat solid cold cherries are SO awesome aren't they? Yum. Hahah. Purply bloody stuff.

I tremble, they're gonna eat me alive,
If I stumble, they're gonna eat my alive.
Can you hear my heart beating like a hammer?
Beating like a hammer, beating like a hammer!
Help, I'm alive. My heart keeps beating like a hammer.

I like this funny song. The start especially.

Cherries, Leechy and mangoes are the football fruits. ^.^

I saw this match today. Portugal and Korea. (PKR =p). LOL. 7-0.
Korea is so funny. They got killed. I wonder how they'd be feeling after the match. All miserable and loser like. They got killed. =)

Come take my pulse, the pace is on a runaway train
Help, I'm alive, my heart keeps
Beating like a hammer
Beating like a hammer

Facebook is shitty. Bad IP and what not. Its annoying me so much!

Lol. I have to study SO much. SO-FREAKIN-MUCH. =)
I'm tired. ='[

I'm an eating machine. I can't stop. Can't.
I just like eating. Food is nice. I like it. It tastes good.

If you're still alive
My regrets are few
If my life is mine
What shouldn't I do?

That day, I went down to get food. Mom asked me if i wanted a Roti or a Paratha. I was like Roti. She said 'okay paratha'. Im like NOO ROTI PLEASE! She said, No, paratha. It tastes good with this daal. I said. MAMA NOO I WANT ROTI. PLEASE. STOP. IM GETTING FAT! But she ignored me. And made me a paratha :S .
So what am i supposed to do right? Not my fault.

I get wherever I'm going
I get whatever I need
While my blood's still flowing
And my heart still beats...

Okay. Enough. Of. The. Crazy. Talk.


p.s. Ooo, today i logged in and opened my dashboard and it was somebody else's dashboard. Mobile Ten City or something =s. Weird.

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