Friday, June 18, 2010

Cherries with ice on top.

I love cherries.

I feel crazy. Like this. %-)

I look crazy too. But its fun.

I should study like dogs. Entry tests coming.

I don’t know what’s wrong with facebook. Its not letting me do anything. Wth.



You see this orange dolly in my profile pic there? The one that often visits my blog to sprinkle her awesomeness al over it>. I love her. She’s awesome. And well, I've have finally named her.


She’s called. EVE. =]]]

Aw. Okay so that's it. Bye.


Shreya said...

what the fuck. you ARE NOT allowed to come up with such cute drawings for your blog alone :x

eve? dont name her that. that odd girl whos named Eve in Species II is one bad mad girl. she might eat your blog up :O

uglyduckling91 said...

I don't wanna give entry tests!

Roshni said...

I hate exams. G'Luck with yurs!

WHY the word verification dudeee=/

Ubaid said...

I like cherries too :D

The Me. said...

Shreya: But i likee Eve!! It suits her so much. Lets forget about the mad bad girl in Species. That movie is lame anyway. =D

duckling: Me neither! ='[

Roshni: Only automated spy-ware spreading robots hate the word verification. Are you a robot? *raises eyebrow*
Heeh. Anyway. You comment so often. THANKYOU :D

Ubaid: Yay. They're awesome!

Sidra Ch. said...

I like the orange dolly. lol. Cute. =)