Friday, May 28, 2010

Eeee, eet eet eet.

I feel like its been long since i last blogged. It hasn't been that long but i just feel that way. My internets not working. s1's wireless is working so I've borrowed her laptop for sometime. Anyway.
My practicals start on the 1st. I hope i do well. Really do. I haven't prepared for them or anything yet but i am going to. Soon.

Anyway. I wonder what's up with people, you know. We all love making mistakes. But what we love more, is blaming other things or other people or even certain events for them. I mean, yes. What goes around us, does affect how we behave, but that's just to a certain extent i think. We do what we do, and we do it by choice. Shifting the blame on others is just the easy way out and who doesn't like the easy way out right?
Mistakes are so important. I like mistakes. [Not too much], but yeah I do appreciate them. The best part about a mistake is the realization of it. And after you're done with the whole justifying what you did drama, if you can just sit back and think over your choices for a bit, maybe you'll realize that its not him, or her or them or it that you need to blame, but you yourself. You made a choice, and that's that. And if you do realize it, don't go moping around about how terrible a person you are and how you can't do anything about your suckiness. Just accept it, learn something, move on, and try not to repeat it please. Easy? No. But simple? I think so.

Pff. Anyway.

Another thing I wanted to talk about was. Oh sh*t. I forgot.
HAHAH. Lookie here. This looks nice. Shi*t. S, H, little star(i know its called asterisk btw), and T . Haha.I don't know why people do do that. Its still Shit. You're just replacing the 'i' with the '*'. I, or anybody whose reading it will read it as Shit. And not something else. Lol. Maybe there's some other reason why people do it. I don't know.

Its like forgetting, the words, to your favourite song. You can't believe it, you were always singing along. It was so easy, and the words so sweet. You can't remember, you try to feel the beat. Eeeeee, eeeeee, eet eet eet.

OmG I LOVE this song. s1 found it. I love it. Its called 'eet' by Regina Spektor. Spector or Spektor , I forgot. But i LOVE it that she named the song 'eet', and not something else. Adds to the awesomness.

Okay the thing is, mom's calling me downstairs. And i want to write more. But i'm in this stupid hurry mode now and I can't think proper. That sucks. This post was supposed to be nice and nice.
Urgh. Anyway.
Okay ill write later. >.<

The next post is going to be a picture post btw! I just need to collect some random pictures. Which i will. I love taking random pictures of stuff. Its nice. Its the beauty. Heeh.

Okay. So whatev. Enjoy.

P.s. DEATH to all the mosquitoes out there. I HATE YOU!


Chocolatelover said...

Mistakes are good, they make you learn a lot. :D
And the mosquitoes, wel they're kinda everywhere. :P
it's Spektor and i love her songs, i'll listen to this one too, thanks. :)

Roshni said...

random pics FTW!

Moonie said...

i thought mosquitoes were as bad as it got inside your house. i was wrong. my cats got fleas and they started feasting on my blood. and my sister still won't spray them with that flea spray. i think she hates me. she stares at me all the time but she doesn't look at my when i'm talking to her. i'm talking about my sister.

if i had the option, i would go all terrorist on the machars. i would love to bomb, or at least stink bomb, their homes. i like to kill them. machars should die.

The Me. said...

Chocolatelover: Yeah sure doo. Have you heard 'Us' by her? I love that one too!

Roshni: Totally! ^^

Moonie: Shit. Blogger ate your other comment =\ . I did publish it. I don't know what happened.
And hahah funny about the cat fleas thing =p . Man mosquitoes SUCK! I can't take em anymoree >.<

K-ay said...

Aye! Good luck with the practicals!
And yea. Totally agree with you on the blame game part.

I said...

mistakes are a bitch which haunts you for life =)

Moonie said...

blogger likes to eat everything. it'll end up being really fat.