Thursday, April 8, 2010

I are back home.

Im back home and the journey was quite tiring. I had little sleep last night. Im tired and i miss lahore already. It was so refreshing. Im back to the deadness. =] . I want to eat a mango =o . Ohh. Yum.
Anyway. My pretty cellphone. The red and black awesome thing. Went nuts that day. And now its getting fixed in lahore, and im practically cellphone-less for now. Im using my ancient 6131 that restarts itself again and again. Its so annoying. But i love its keypad and i love it. So whatev.
I watched Alice in wonderland that day. And it was fun to watch. It wasn't all thaaaat, but still, fun to watch. Personally i think, the Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter) saved the movie. She was funnnayy! I loved her.
You know what? I HATE the women who call on cooking shows. Aren't they totally unbearable? They are, aren't they? OmG they just ARE. Ajeeb.

'main aapka show roz dekhti hoon. aap aaj bohut pyaari lag rahi hain'

'meray bachon ko zara hi kar dain. zara haath wave kar dain'

'ye lain, meri do saal ki beti se baat karain. aapki bohut bari fan hai. ghar main khana banati hai aapkay show se seekh ke'


I think sometimes nowadays, that i have turned into a boring nice person. S2 says im abnormal =] . Pff. No.
OMG check this out. Amazing stuff.


Okay don’t laugh =\ . This is a real fish. I found it on Listverse. Its called a Blobfish. Read on if you want :

Found in the oceans surrounding Australia and Tasmania, the blobfish leads a rather passive life, feeding on whatever piece of detritus floats within its reach. It lacks the muscular power of other fish and practically doesn’t spend any energy while swimming thanks to its body being less dense than water. Rarely seen alive, the blobfish is occasionally captured as by-catch by fisherman’s nets.”

Weird stuff no? Please be amazed. =] Cuz i am. Okay Enough for today.



Maryam said...

The Blobfish is a..... Blob? Lol. YES, I SO AGREE WITH THE COOKING SHOW CALLER THING "Helllooooooooooo jee please meri bachi se baat kar lein bari khush hoti hai apka ka show dekh ke (bachi comes on) ahhh? ahhhhhhhhhhh aa ooooo"

IF YOUR BACHI CAN'T TALK why the f are you handing her the phone?!

Another one I really hate "HAYYYYEEEEE waqai aap ke show pe kaal mil gai??!!! Haye muje to itne esitemint hori hai muje samaj nai aa rai kya kahuunn!!!!!"

I mean ... Yeah. Okay.

Marina said...

You're kidding me. That is NOT a fish! :O :D

MagicalMe said...

Hahaha waqaii. 'main apka show roz dekhti hun' *main apka show roz dekhti hun* (TV)
chef: tv ki awaz please ahista kar lain.
This also so annoying =\

Remya said...

Hahaha..ur the best :P
Blobfish!!?'s sorta cute =D
Wait a sec...I seem o be missing something here...watcha doing in Lahore?!?!?!

The Me. said...

Maryam: Hahaha totally! >.<

Marina: Yay, you be amazed. :D

Magicalme: LOL yeaaah! Unbearable.

Remya: Thanks :D Yeah i think its cute too. It has a sad boring funny cartoon face. I like. =d
And i went to lahore to spend some time with s2 [my sister =p]. Change of place actually. =]

eenally said...

Shit. What a sad fish, man. Damn, my eyes are getting teary. Anyway. Hmm. Random post yet again. -.-

- Een.

The Me. said...

But the whole blog is random =o.

tin girl said...

That fish is so photoshopped! Pfuit! Well, it looks so photoshopped with an old man's mug. Colour me amazed.

This is my first comment on here I guess.
The Red Queen is awesomeness.
'Somebody stole three of my taaaaaaarts!'
Gottaloveher. xD

Fareed said...

What the fuck is a Blobfish? It is a sperm.

The Me. said...

tingirl: Lol. You can find a more realistic picture of the fish here:
Thanks for commenting anyway =d

Fareed: No its not. =]

Anonymous said...

"Mere husbaaaand bhi aapka show dekhtay hain, wo tau baray khush hain jab se aap ka show aya hai main unko nai nai dishes bana k daitee hoon"


The blobfish looks dull, and why isnt there an S1 in the blogs anymore =(

The Me. said...

Because once i mention s1, she finds it quite hard to get over the fact that she was mentioned. And feels the need to remind me of what i wrote every other day *smiles sweetly*