Sunday, April 11, 2010



I am SO pissed off right now. ARGH.

Why did my cellphone do this to me? WHY WHY WHY? >.<

And i am SAD! And i shall kill everyone! >.<


uglyduckling91 said...

What did your phone do? ><

nitwit said...

dont worry i think now adays most of troubels in our life r coz of cellulars

~RainDrops. said...

Aw :(
Hope you feel better soon, Tc :]

I like the pic :)

Remya said...

Heyy!! Chill the fire!!
What happened!!?

The Me. said...

My phone which was only about 3 months old, went all psycho on me. And now i might have to sell it because it has some weird fault which the warranty doesn't cover either =[ . I loved that phone.
Grrr. Lets see what happens.

Anonymous said...