Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So. Im finally in Lahore. Im here for a week or so. Yesterday was exhausting. Today was good. Except that i have to complete my physics chapter right now. And s2 is being her mean and evil self and is going to sleep soon. -.-
Im gonna make some coffee. The light goes out here so much. =\
A friend just texted me that Nwfp is now called 'Khyper pakhtunkhwah' . I can't say im happy about it though. =\ I mean. What about all the non-pakhtoon people living there? But i don't know much about anything. So. I don't know. Whatev.
Umm. What else. I wasn't well these past few days. Two days actually. DAMN THAT STUPID NIMCO. >.< ! Got me all weird.
I talked to Wh for three hours straight that night. It was so much fun. But then telenor decided to be mean and evil. So. Whatev.
Umm. Life is dull. Not really. But its dull in the sense that i don't have much news. =\ So okay. s2 needs the pc. She's gonna skype with her friend 'I'. I don't like s2 at ALL.
Okay bye =]
Oooh. Its the April Fool's Day tomorrow. But i'm not a prank person. Not really. So. Whatev. Bye!


uglyduckling91 said...


The Me. said...

Noh! =[

Anonymous said...

Im mentioned! =D haha. I love seeing me mentioned in your blog. It makes me feel happy and important. Even though im obviously mentioned in relation to something that doesnt make you happy. But still. Im so self-obsessed =p But see. I feel famous being mentioned in your famous blog. Awesome =D I should interrupt your blogging with my skyping more. Then i'll be mentioned morer =D =p

Anonymous said...

Lawl, finally something for the Pashtuns to celebrate about. A name for a province no one really pays a damn to. Oh well.

Anyway. Lahore, young lady? Welcome, welcome. Been out of touch, I see, but now I'm back to haunt you and your blog.

And thank God, you're not a prank person either.

The Me. said...

Hahaha. Okay i'll mention you some more then! :D

The Me. said...

kasana: Yeah you haven't been visiting -.- . But yay! Welcome back =p!