Friday, April 16, 2010

Little Balloons of thought.

I don't like it when people are sad . I wish i could open up people's brains and put nice things inside. =]
Optimism, my friend, is the need of the day. Samurai_Jack__deep_in_thought

I get upset and sad and weird and annoyed too. But i find ways to get over it. I wish other people would do too. And not be sad. =\

And everybody has good and bad qualities. No one is a bad person i think. I mean yeah. But. Urgh. I just think that. We should at least try to be good y'know. And to genuinely like other people too. And to look past their negative points. [But don't be dumb, and go about trusting every other person just because you think they're nice -.-]. All I'm saying is. That. Just. Be nice. Try!

Okay yeah a bit confusing i be getting now. But whatev. Okay?


I'm clumsy. Grrr.

I bought a new toothbrush. Its so soft, i love it. Aaand. My cellphone is back. Its working fine now. I hope it doesn’t misbehave again.

I have to stuudy!  Bye.

p.s. I CANNOT. Just CAN NOT take it when people take pictures with their hands like " \m/ " this. I mean. Wth? What are you trying to show? No seriously. It does NOT make you look cool. I swear it does not. Please stop. Get over it now. Please?

P.s.2 : I just found out on Google that Horses can't vomit. =]


tin girl said...

We-eell I'm guessing you like animals. Heh. Oh and the sign. It has some er anti christ connotations to it. Not that I care.
You really are full to bursting with sunshine and happiness and rainbows and unicorns aren't you?
Phew. I proably wouldn't be able to take any of it. xD But hey that's me.

The Me. said...

that is one side of me, yes. :p
And lol i actually don't really like animals.. but its funny how the internet is full of crazy animal facts. I like reading those!

Dee.Dee said...

Thank God there's someone who thinks like me. People call me stupid for thinking like that, but seriously, it's okay to be stupid sometimes. Yay you.

Ally said...

Thank you for writing that long ass you know what again =p
Yay for your cellphone! I have been through this cellphone absence torture and I understand!! New things like toothbrushes, slippers and new shampoos, etc always excite me :D
And oooh! I love Samurai Jack :D

The Me. said...

DeeDee: Yay you too! =D

Ally: Haha no problem. =] Aaand yeah it feels so good to have me cellphone back finally =\ .
Samurai jack is the man! I love his wood slippers. xD

Anonymous said...

I <3 Samurai Jack too :D
And you, the saintly creature =P

Anonymous said...

Is it less uncool to take pictures with my fingers in a "V"? Cuz i do that a lot =p