Friday, April 23, 2010

Waking up.


Its 2.38 p.m and i just woke up. I’m SO sleepy. I would give anything right now, just to go back to sleep again. =[ But i need to get up and get fresh and start studying. So I'm out of bed and in front of my pc. I thought I’d blog my sleep away.

So yeah. You know, I’m so glad. Aprils almost ending and the weather has turned so pleasant. =] Yayness.

I watch movies at night while I'm trying to study. Last night I started to watch the 2007 remake of ‘A Room With A View’. It was fun, but i only saw half of it. I’m gonna finish it today.

S1 is getting a new cell phone! And its none other than Nokia e72! =O I loove that phone. I can’t wait for s1 to get bored of it so that I can use the awesomeness instead :D .

I love cell phones. If it were up to me, I'd get a new one every month.


So that night, i was just sitting in my room, doing nothing special when a stupid lizard on the floor caught my eye. So i started staring at it. And i soon discovered that the stupid thing wasn’t working properly. =p . There was something wrong with the suction pad thingies on her feet and she couldn’t climb on the wall anymore. LOL. It was so funny. So i video-ed it. =\

And I'm uploading it here for you all. Its only 8 seconds out of the 5 minute video.

I call it. Lizard jump Fail :D

Oh. Before that, remember. Keep your eyes on the head of the dirty doll. Because that’s where the lizard is sitting!

Lol. Okay so the video ain’t that interesting. =\ But whatever. =s


Im awake now. Thankyou dear weird blog. =]

P.s. You know the smell of rain that we all love? Google just told me that it has a special name. Its called. PETRICHOR. So yay. Enjoy.



Anonymous said...

Lol. Yaaaaaaaaaaar. That video! Hahahahahaha! Epic.

How are you? :)

MagicalMe said...

You get awesomer by every post <3
the randomer you get, the more interesting your blog becomes. :D

The Me. said...

kasana: Hahaha glad you found it funny =D . Aaand. Im good thanks :o .

Magicalyou: Aw man THANKYOU so much :D ! You just made me feel better about my blog =p .

Roshni said...

ew chipkalli y0..=/ ..last night i had spider crawling up my curtains at half 1 and I had to get my dad to get it out for me. And how old am I? won't know :P

uglyduckling91 said...

Same center, I guess. ^-^
*scratches head*

The Me. said...

Roshni: Hahah okay secret-age-person =p . And eek spiders are nasty. ThankGod ive never come across the weird big ones =\ .

duck: Same center, as in same exam center you say? =p I don't think so :D .

Ally said...

Haha Lizard fail =D Lizards are the most ugliest things around =p Spiders are laarvely =D

Anonymous said...

I heart heart heart the video :D
E72 is the baaamb :D
Oh and the rain wala word is weird, as opposed to the prettyness of the meaning. Tsk.