Monday, April 26, 2010

Tea Party!

Summers are just weird. They make me nostalgic for some reason. I don’t know. =\ .

After my exams end, I'm going to experiment with my blogs template.

What a shame, what a shame
To judge a life that you can't change
The choir sings, the church bells ring
So won't you give this man his wings?
What a shame, to have to beg you to
see we're not all the same, what a shame!

I wish i could write songs like that.

There’s a candle on the table next to me. It smells awesome. I often just pick it up and smell it and then put it back in its place.

Oh i love the black ball point I'm using nowadays. It makes me want to write.

Every minute, 8 babies are born in Pakistan, according to the 04-05 survey. Which means, every 15 seconds, 2 babies. Which means a baby is born every 7.5 seconds. By the time i finish this post, a hundred babies would've been born.

Happy birthday to all you new babies :D !

I’m hungry! I love my red tee.

I should get back to studying now. More later.

Bye bye nice people. =p


Decoration & int design

p.s. I want a drawing room like this.


Roshni said...

That IS a slick front room -n0d-

Ally said...

Yes, you should try a new template,changes are good =p and by the time I finish writing this comment, a hundred MORE babies would have been born =D

MagicalMe said...

I. Want. This. Drawing. Room.
you and i have so much in common :D i love the smell of candles too <3

That random chick person said...

It is a pretty awesome drawing room...but maybe a bit more color on the cushions to make it seem more livable and less magazine-ish. Here's to hoping you get that room.

P.S: Try the Uni-ball ballpoint in blue. I always writing more in my exams because of the way it just seems to glide on the paper!

The Me. said...

Roshni: *nods back*

Ally: Hahaha, yes. Babies are gonna take over the world soon. x.x

Magical me: Hahah we all have something or the other in common. Its one of the things i love about blogging =p.

Random person: Ooh yeah. That uniball one's nice. But somehow, i don't like pens that are way too smooth. =\ . My handwriting gets all crappy with smooth pens =p . I use the fiber tip ones in exams! =D